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November 28, 1995

Institute on International Taxation Announced

WASHINGTON - Assistant Commissioner (International) John T. Lyons has announced the Eighth Annual Institute on Current Issues in International Taxation, cosponsored with The George Washington University, to be held December 14 and 15 at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Washington.

Designed for professionals in international tax law, the Institute will cover on the first day joint ventures and practical compliance issues, including innovative approaches to problem resolution, everyday issues for tax managers, and an "Ask the IRS" session. The second day will include sessions on financial products, a U.S. multinational update, and a session on global companies including the following issues: technology transfers, management/service issues for global companies, subpart F, and other tax issues in a high-tech or information economy. IRS Commissioner Margaret Milner Richardson and Leslie B. Samuels, Assistant Secretary for Tax Policy for the Department of Treasury, will be the luncheon speakers.

Those interested in attending may obtain more information from The George Washington University, Office of Conferences and Institutes, by calling (202) 973-1110 (not a toll-free number).

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