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October 31, 1995

IRS Teams Receive Hammer Award

WASHINGTON - Five IRS teams were presented the National Performance Review (NPR) Hammer Award by Secretary of Treasury Robert E. Rubin in ceremonies yesterday coinciding with the second anniversary of the NPR. The award is the highest recognition a work group can receive for improving the delivery of products and services.

In presenting the awards Secretary Rubin said "Reinventing government has, in my mind, two aims -- to make government operate more efficiently and effectively."

IRS Commissioner Margaret Milner Richardson said, "I am delighted that these IRS employees have received the Hammer Award. They deserve the public acclaim. The activities of each group reflect our commitment to improving service to our customers. They have set a fine example for all of us who are committed to doing a better job of serving our customers. They have proven that the IRS is working both harder and smarter. When that happens, all Americans benefit. We are proud of each and every one of them and we thank them for their fine efforts."

The award winners are:

  • IRS-Headquarters Operations Customer Service Center Team - The team has improved the Center's service to internal customers with "one-stop shopping" for administrative support and services.
  • Electronic Information Services Development Team -- Employees are providing unlimited access to forms and publications through FedWorld for anyone with a computer, modem and printer.
  • The Multimedia Production Division -- The division is providing better customer service and saving postage costs by mailing postcards in lieu of tax packages to taxpayers who use tax preparers. The taxpayer has the option of requesting the tax package by returning the postcard.
  • Detroit District's Cooperative Projects Staff -- In a joint project with the Michigan Department of Social Services IRS has improved compliance and reduced taxpayer burden with new procedures for payment of FICA and unemployment taxes of handicapped caregivers. Instead of the handicapped taxpayers being responsible for these taxes the state now pays them.
  • Augusta District FedState Team -- This team participated in a Compliance Education Project with the Maine Bureau of Taxation. The project has increased compliance and reduced delinquencies by educating the state recreation industry on reporting requirements for wages and tips at restaurants.

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