IRS News Release  
April 27, 1995

IRS Advisory Group to Meet

WASHINGTON - The Internal Revenue Service Information Reporting Program Advisory Committee (IRPAC) will hold its semiannual meeting on May 9 & 10. The sessions will be held in Room 3313 at IRS Headquarters, 1111 Constitution Avenue, N.W., starting at 9: 30 a.m. on each day and ending at noon on the 10th.

The agenda, which is subject to change, includes:

  • Nonresident Alien Task Force Update;
  • Retirement Payments to Nonresident Aliens;
  • Form 4224 Issues - Notional Principal Contacts;
  • Harmonization of Rules for Forms W-8 and W-9
  • Simplified Tax and Wage Reporting System Update;
  • Record Retention;
  • Announcement of IRP Quality Supplier Awards;
  • Circular E and Supplement for Large Employers;
  • Update on IRS/SSA Magnetic Media Seminars;
  • Coordination with Payers on Changes to IRP Forms;
  • Form 1099R and 5498 Instructions;
  • Impact of Fire at Martinsburg Computing Center Satellite Facility;
  • IRS Legislative Update;
  • Discharge of Indebtedness Reporting Update;
  • Special Rule for Taxation of Certain Employee Benefits;
  • Identifying the Payee; and
  • Reporting on Construction Loan Disbursements.

Due to space limitations, and for building access, anyone wishing to attend should call Ms. Tommie Matthews, no later than May 5 at 202-622-5620 (not toll-free).

For questions about IRPAC, in general, call Ms. Kate LaBuda at 202-622-3404. To submit comments for the Committee for future consideration, send them to Ms. LaBuda, Information Reporting Program, Internal Revenue Service, 1111 Constitution Avenue, N.W., CP:CO:SC:P, Room 2013, Washington, DC 20224.



1* Joanne D. Ames, Senior Manager
Ernst & Young - NTD
1225 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., 5th Floor
Washington, DC 20036
Representing: Mortgage Bankers Association (
Phone) 202-327-9598 (Fax) 202-327-9091
Industry Segment: Mortgage Banking

*2. Robert E. Barr, Vice President
Intuit, Inc.
6256 Greenwich Dr., Ste. 100
San Diego, CA 92122
Representing: Council for Electronic Revenue Communication Advancement
(Phone) 619-453-4446 x463 (Fax) 619-535-1593
Industry Segment: Software Developer

3. Kevin H. Clawson, Director, Technical Services
911 Panorama Trail South
Rochester, NY 14625
(Phone) 716-385-6666 (Fax) 716-383-3499
Industry Segment: Transmitter

**4. Chip K. Collins, Senior Manager
Price Waterhouse
1301 K Street, N.W., 800W
Washington, D.C. 20005
Representing: Savings & Community Bankers of America
(Phone) 202-414-1660 (Fax) 202-414-1301
Industry Segment: Small Financial Institutions

*5. Keith Dusenbery, Professor of Business and Accounting
Johnson State College, and Principal, Total Tax Service
P.O. Box 713 Morrisville, VT 05661
Representing: National Association of Tax Practitioners
(Phone) 802-888-5631 (Fax) 802-635-9745
Industry Segment: Small Business Compliance

*6. Ann Hadley vom Eigen, Legislative Counsel
American Land Title Association
1828 L Street N.W.
Washington, DC 20036
(Phone) 202-296-3671 x214 (Fax) 202-223-5843
Industry Segment: Real Estate

7. John R. Granelli, Vice President
U.S. Trust Company of New York
114 West 47th Street
New York, NY 10036
Representing: American Bankers Association
(Phone) 212-852-3846 (Fax) 212-852-3852
Industry Segment: Trust Companies

*8. William E. Haddad, Compliance Director
Moore Business Communications Services (BCS)
7939 Honeygo Boulevard, Suite 116
Baltimore, MD 21236
Representing: International Business Forms Industries
(Phone) 410-933-1099 ext 208 (Fax) 410-933-1098
Industry Segment: Forms Developer

*9. Douglas M. Hess, General Director - Federal Taxes
General Motors Corporation
3044 W. Grand Blvd., Room 14-262
Detroit, MI 48202
Representing: Tax Executives Institute
(Phone) 313-556-5586 (Fax) 313-974-7414
Industry Segment: Corporate Compliance

10. C. Leonard Jacobs Jr., Principal Specialist - Taxes
McDonnell Douglas Corporation, Dept. H334
McDonnell Blvd & Airport Road, MC 100-2321
Berkely, M0 63134
Representing: American Society for Payroll Management
(Phone) 314-233-1474 (Fax) 314-232-4578
Industry Segment: Payroll

11. Joseph Lennon, Executive Vice President
Fidelity Brokerage Services, Inc.
82 Devonshire St. - A7C
Boston, MA 02109
(Phone) 617-563-8659 (Fax) 617-476-3971
Industry Segment: Mutual Funds

12. James J. Medlock, Director, Training Dev.
American Payroll Association
711 Navarro Street, Suite 100
San Antonio, TX 78205
Representing: American Payroll Association
(Phone) 210-226-4600 (Fax) 210-226-4027
Industry Segment: Payroll

*13. Patricia J. Key Assistant Vice President
Tax Chubb & Son Inc.
15 Mountain View Road
Warren, NJ 07059
Alliance of American Insurers
American Insurance Association
National Association of Independent Insurers
National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies
Reinsurance Association of America
(Phone) 908-903-2387 (Fax) 908-903-2560
Industry Segment: Property & Casualty Insurance

14. Marjorie A. Penrod, Vice President
Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York
23 Wall Street, 1/15 BR
New York, NY 10260
Representing: New York Clearing House Association
(Phone) 212-235-1407 (Fax) 212-235-2324
Industry Segment: Large Financial Institutions

15. Michael J. Predhomme, President P
redhomme & Co. 255 E. Brown Street, Suite 420
Birmingham, MI 48009
Representing: AICPA Tax Division
(Phone) 810-540-104 (Fax) 810-540-1964
Industry Segment: Public Accounting

16. Barbara N. Seymon-Hirsch, Partner
Davis & Harman
1455 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Suite 1200
Washington, DC 20004
Representing: American Council of Life Insurance
(Phone) 202-347-2230 (Fax) 202-393-3310
Industry Segment: Life Insurance

17. Anthony Taranto, Senior Vice President
Lehman Brothers
101 Hudson Street, 39th Floor
Jersey City, NJ 07032
Representing: Securities Industry Association
(Phone) 201-524-5446 (Fax) 201-524-5467
Industry Segment: Securities

*18. Judy Tarpley, Co-Owner and Vice President
PenServ, Inc.
3504 Johnson Street (P.O. Box 192)
Greenville, TX 75403-0192
(Phone) 903-455-5135 (Fax) 903-455-5145
Industry Segment: Employee Plans


19. Norm Goldstein, Senior Financial Executive
Social Security Administration, Room 451
6401 Security Boulevard., Altmeyer Bldg
Baltimore, MD 21235
(Phone) 410-965-1970 (Fax) 410-966-8753

20. Harley Duncan, Executive Director
Federation of Tax Administrators
444 North Capitol St. N.W., Suite 348
Washington, DC 20001
(Phone) 202-624-5890 (Fax) 202-624-7888


21. Arthur E. Davis III, Attorney
Office of Arthur E. Davis III
1101 King Street, Suite 601
Alexandria, VA 22314
Representing: American Escrow Association
(Phone) 703-201-6026 (Fax) 703-548-4585

*New Member for 1995-1996


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