IRS News Release  
August 15, 1994

IRS Issues New & Improved
Advance Proof Circular E

WASHINGTON - The Internal Revenue Service today issued advance proof copies of the 1995 Publication 15, Circular E. The changes to this publication are significant.

IRS has started a two-year project to issue two separate employment tax publications: a general information, core Circular E and a specialized, supplemental employment tax publication. Most employers do not need all the information in the old Circular E.

The new core Circular E has the withholding tables and sufficient information to meet all the employment tax needs of small business employers and payroll staffs, and the basic employment tax information for all employers. For 1995 only, the material deleted from the old Circular E will be in other publications, primarily Publication 937, Employment Taxes.

The changes to the Circular E allowed for an entirely new format that makes reading and using the publication much easier. These changes represent suggestions and comments from persons in the payroll community, as well as IRS efforts to improve its forms and publications.

IRS releases advance proof copies of some forms and publications to give the tax community, the public -- and in this case, the payroll community in particular -- opportunity to comment or suggest how to improve or simplify the publication.

Anyone with comments about this IRS effort to provide general and specialized employment tax publications or changes to the 1995 Circular E should write by September 15, 1994, to:

  • Tax Forms Committee, Early Release Internal Revenue Service Room 5577
    1111 Constitution Ave.
    NW Washington, DC 20224

Although unable to provide written responses to all comments and suggestions, the IRS gives each careful consideration before issuing the final version of Circular E in December 1994.

For advance proof copies of the 1995 Publication 15, Circular E, write to IRS, P.O. Box 25866, Richmond, VA 23289-5866.

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