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October 05, 1994

Thousands More to File by Phone in 1995

WASHINGTON - Taxpayers in ten states next year will be able to file their federal tax returns by telephone. The Internal Revenue Service will expand TeleFile -- its file-by-phone system -- to Colorado, southern Texas and northern California. The IRS expects to receive over 700,000 returns by phone in 1995.

This easier filing option will continue to be available in Florida, Indiana, Kent Kentucky Michigan, Ohio, South Carolina, and West Virginia. This year, 519,000 taxpayers used TeleFile.

TeleFile is available to single persons who would otherwise file Form 1040EZ, but do not qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit, and have not changed their addresses since their last filing. The IRS sends special tax pack ages to prospective filers and only persons receiving such packages can use TeleFile.

Taxpayers can reach TeleFile by dialing a toll-free number. Callers just enter the amounts for their wages, interest and tax withheld. TeleFile does the rest of the work for them in just seconds. It totals the income, subtracts the exemption and standard deduction amounts, gets the tax from the tax table and figures any refund or balance due.

The system gives the caller the adjusted gross income and refund or balance due amounts, as well as a confirmation number to complete the filing. The whole call takes about five minutes. TeleFilers send signature documents -- Forms 1040-TBL -- and their W-2 forms to the IRS after they complete their calls.

The IRS processes the data through its electronic filing system, giving users the benefit of more accurate tax returns. TeleFilers expecting refunds should get their money in about three weeks. Persons who owe tax can send their payments immediately or anytime before the April 15 deadline.

TeleFile will be available seven days a week, 22 hours a day. The best times for taxpayers to call TeleFile are before 5:00 p.m. or after 9:00 p.m.


STATE                   IRS DISTRICT             PROJECT #OF
                                                 TELEFILE RETURNS

CALIFORNIA              Sacramento               39,000

COLORADO                Denver                   35,000

FLORIDA                 Ft. Lauderdale           61,000
                        Jacksonville            108,000

INDIANA                 Indianapolis             70,000

KENTUCKY                Louisville               36,000

OHIO                    Cincinnati               81,000

                        Cleveland                92,000

MICHIGAN                Detroit                  97,000

TEXAS                   Austin                   54,000

S. CAROLINA             Columbia                 37,000

W. Virginia             Parkersburg              16,000

TOTAL U.S.A                                     726,000

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