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February 15, 1994

IRS Seeks Input From Tax-Exempt Area

WASHINGTON - The Internal Revenue Service today asked for public input in matters related to the tax-exempt area.

IRS encouraged tax-exempt organizations, law and accounting firms, and other interested groups or individuals to submit drafts of proposed revenue ruling, plain-language publications, pamphlets, issue papers or examples of issues that need to be addressed in the tax-exempt organizations area.

The Service will use these drafts to identify and prioritize--in partnership with the regulated community--those areas that require guidance. With a targeted publications program, the IRS expects such guidance to help reduce taxpayer uncertainty and to avoid disputes with the IRS.

Recently, James J. McGovern, IRS Assistant Commissioner (Employee Plans and Exempt Organizations) addressed the Exempt Organizations Committee of the American Bar Association. In his speech he identified two major components of a program to collect a body of guidance that would address the practical issues of today's tax-exempt sector.

- First, the agency needs input from EP/EO agents and national office specialists who are on the front line administering the law. In this context, McGovern has asked EP/EO employees nationwide for their ideas, comments and suggestions on how to improve EP/EO tax administration and enforcement.

- Second, IRS needs similar input from the regulated community and its advisors. Exempt sector stakeholders have been asked not only to identify areas of concern, but also to provide suggested drafts of revenue ruling or other forms of plain-language publications.

In addition, McGovern noted that he was seeking the help of umbrella groups and similar kinds of industry associations to draft plain-language publications that can be targeted to smaller exempt organizations which cannot afford professional tax advisors.

All taxpayer material submitted for IRS review will be available for public inspection and photocopying.

Interested parties should send comments and suggestions to: Assistant Commissioner (Employee Plans and Exempt Organizations) CP:E, Internal Revenue Service, Room 3408, Washington, DC 20224.

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