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June 18, 1992

Pacific Bell Awarded Telecommunications Contract

WASHINGTON - Pacific Bell, of San Francisco, today was awarded a contract that will provide telecommunications equipment and services for Internal Revenue Service an other Department of Treasury offices in California and Nevada for up to 10 years.

IRS said the contract, valued at $33 million, was the ninth and final contract awarded as part of the Department of Treasury Telecommunications Systems (DOTTS) program that will be implemented nationwide. Each of the nine contracts covers a different region of the country.

The DOTTS contracts will provide voice and data telecommunications switching systems, electronic key systems, automated management information systems, wiring and support services ranging from design to training and maintenance. IRS said DOTTS would support its tax systems modernization by ensuring that IRS offices have the capability to be fully networked with on-line data retrieval and processing systems as these systems are put into operation.

Previously, IRS awarded four DOTTS contracts, valued at $91 million to, General Analytics Corporation of McLean, Va., for Alaska, hawaii and the central and southwest areas of the country. Three DOTTS contracts were awarded to AT&T, valued at $123 million and covering the northeast, southeast and midatlantic areas. U.S. West won the $39 million DOTTS contract for the midwest area.

IRS said it is the executive contract agent for Treasury responsible for all phases of the DOTTS procurement and contract administration.

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