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June 08, 1992

Federal/State Electronic Filing Test to Expand

WASHINGTON - The Internal Revenue Service will double -- to 14 -- the number of states participating in its test of Federal/State Electronic Filing next year. This is part of the continuing IRS effort to reduce the tax filing burden.

In this test, the IRS receives both the federal and state tax return information electronically. The IRS then gives the state data to the state tax authorities so that taxpayers don't have to send state returns separately. Those due refunds should get both federal and state refunds in about three weeks, rather than the six to eight weeks customary for paper returns.

In 1993, Federal/State Electronic Filing will be offered statewide in Kansas, North Carolina and South Carolina. Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Utah will join Maine, New York, West Virginia and Wisconsin in conducting more limited tests.

In South Carolina, the only area with a statewide test this past filing season, over 154,000 taxpayers used this option -- over half of the total electronic filers in the state. About 2500 returns came in from the other six states, where the test was limited to selected locations or groups of employees.

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