IRS News Release  
May 08, 1992

Newly Released Statistics Show
Rise in 1990 Adjusted Gross Income

WASHINGTON - The Spring 1992 issue of the Internal Revenue Service quarterly publication, the "Statistics of Income Bulletin" is now available.

The new issue shows adjusted gross income reported on the 113.8 million individual income tax returns for 1990 was more than $3.4 trillion, an increase of 4.3 percent over 1989 preliminary estimates.

Total income tax rose to $451.4 billion, up 2.7 percent from 1989. For all taxpayers, income tax as a percentage of AGI decreased slightly from 13.4 to 13.2 percent.

The issue reports that in 1989 U.S. source income paid to foreign persons rose nearly 73 percent to over $55 billion. U.S. tax withheld rose by only 15 percent, to nearly $2 billion. The United Kingdom was the largest recipient with $13.1 billion, an increase of 56 percent from 1988.

The report also shows that for 1988, there were 9,921 "foreign" corporations that reported $77 billion of receipts generated from activities "effectively connected" with a U.S. trade or business. Overall, these companies dominated by large banks reported net income (less deficit) of $2.6 million from these activities.

Estate tax returns were filed for the estates of 161 nonresident alien decedents who died during 1986. Nearly one-third of this total were for Canadian descendants. Total gross U.S. estate income was $62 million and th tax was $6.5 million.

A section on Foreign Sales Corporation statistics and Interest Charge-Domestic International Sales Corporation statistics for 1987 is included in this issue.

Other statistics include the first detailed analysis of 1990 individual income and tax data by state and size of adjusted gross income.

The "Statistics of Income Bulletin" is available from the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402. The annual subscription rate is $20 for four issues; a single issue is $7.50.

For other statistical information, write to the Director, Statistics of Income Division, Internal Revenue Service, P.O. Box 2608, Washington, DC 20013.

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