IRS News Release  
March 04, 1992

Taxpayers Find Easier Filing,
Better Service From IRS

WASHINGTON - Midway through the tax filing season, people are taking advantage of the options IRS offers to reduce taxpayer burden and improve service. More people are using easier filing methods, calling automated phone services and getting help from tax specialists.

Last year, when Form 1040A fist included pension income, filings increased 18 percent, to nearly 22 million. Short form returns from those age 65 or over rose from two to eight percent of the total. So far this year, over 11 percent of 1040As have had the age box checked, up from about six percent last March 1.

Over 100,000 people have used TeleFile -- the file-by-phone option being tested in Ohio this year. With Telefile, taxpayers use a touch-tone phone to report their income and withholding amounts, then the IRS figures their tax and any refund or balance due. Refunds are received in about three weeks, while those who owe tax have until April 15 to send their payment.

In another test, 4100 taxpayers in Rhode Island, Texas and Washington have used Form 1040EZ-1. These taxpayers figure only their interest income. The IRS takes wages and tax data from the W-2 forms, computes the tax and notifies filers of the refund or balance due.

Calls to Tele-Tax -- an automated system offering recorded tax tapes and refund information -- are up 40 percent this year. IRS installed more equipment and phone lines and can re-route calls during the day from areas of high demand to under-used sites. With the potential to handle 40 million calls this fiscal year, Tele-Tax serves more people than the live assistance lines.

People calling with tax questions are more likely to speak with a subject matter specialist. Assistors answering the IRS phones handle account questions and procedural matters, but refer most tax matters to experienced workers who specialize in various topics. The Pittsburgh IRS office is testing an automated system in which taxpayers use a touch-tone phone to select their question topic, then are connected to an appropriate specialist.

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