IRS News Release  
November 18, 1992

IRS Issues Statistics on
Employee Plan Determination Letters

Determination letter statistics for various employee benefit plans for the period October 1991 through September 1992 were released today by the Internal Revenue Service.

The attached table contains statistics on determination letters issued to employee benefit plans regarding their qualified status under the Internal Revenue Code. These statistics are in categories by defined contribution plans such as stock bonus, money purchase, profit sharing, 401(k), target benefit and employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs as described in Code sections 409A and 4975(e)(7)) and defined benefit plans. The plans cover common-law employees, shareholder-employees and self-employed individuals.

The statistics indicate only those determination letters issued by employee plans/exempt organizations divisions in key district offices and do not include figures for plans of employers who have adopted standardized plans previously approved by the IRS National Office. These figures cannot be used to compute the total number of plans in existence, because employers do not have to apply to the IRS for an advance determination to obtain favorable tax benefits for qualified plans.

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