IRS News Release  
January 31, 1990

100,000 Taxpayers Have Already
Received Their Refunds

WASHINGTON - Only a few weeks into the tax filing season, 100,000 taxpayers already have received their refunds on their 1989 federal income tax returns.

Over 200,000 taxpayers have filed their returns electronically so far this filing season, according to the Internal Revenue Service, an increase of more than 300 percent compared to the same period last year. Taxpayers who file electronically and also have their refunds deposited directly into their bank accounts can generally have their refunds in about two weeks.

Electronic filing is available for the first time this year in all 50 states. Taxpayers who expect a refund can file their returns electronically through tax preparers and transmitters accepted by the IRS to participate. This year the IRS expects two million taxpayers to opt to file electronically.

Even if they don't file electronically, by filing early in the filing season, taxpayers can receive their refunds in only a few weeks. Toward the end of the filing season, it can take as long as eight weeks for the Internal Revenue Service to get refunds to taxpayers.

As of January 26, 1990, the IRS received almost three million income tax returns in the tax processing centers, a decrease of five percent. As of that date, however, the IRS processed over one million returns, an increase of almost 11 percent.

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