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December 04, 1990

IRS & NTEU Recognize Quality Achievements

WASHINGTON - During the three years it has been tested in the San Francisco district, "one-stop account service" has allowed that Internal revenue Service district to resolve over 80 percent of taxpayers' account-related inquiries the same day and has saved the IRS almost $1.2 million. At the Austin Service Center, improvements in procedures for assessing estimated tax penalties have save $1.6 million a year.

In Houston, changes in the way the IRS processes bankruptcy cases have allowed that district to reduce the amounts owed for administrative taxes due under Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy code by $7 million. And thanks to a recommendation from the Southeast region in Atlanta, soon taxpayers seeking an extension of time to file their tax returns will not have to file a separate extension form. Taxpayers will save the time and effort of filing extension forms, and the IRS will not have to process the 5 to 6 million extension requests filed each year.

The four teams of IRS employees who came up with these ideas are being honored this week at the first IRS/National Treasury Employees Union Joint Quality Conference. The three-day conference, Dec. 4 through 6, 1990, is being held at the Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza in Arlington, Va.

Also being recognized at the conference are individual IRS employees and joint quality councils who have made extraordinary contributions to the IRS/NTEU cooperative effort to make the IRS the quality leader in government. Breakout group discussions during the conference will cover various aspects of the quality improvement process.

Speaking at the conference are IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg and NTEU President Robert Tobias. John A. Swaim of the Xerox Corporation is the keynote speaker. Xerox received the 1989 Malcolm Baldridge Award, recognizing excellence in the area of quality.

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