IRS News Release  
January 29, 1990

IRS Electronic Filing System
Available in All 50 States

WASHINGTON - With Forms W-2, Wage and Tax Statements, due to employees by the end of January, millions of taxpayers will be submitting their federal tax returns in the next few weeks.

This year, the Internal Revenue Service suggests they consider an alternative to mailing in their paperwork -- they should file by computer.

This year, the IRS Electronic Filing System is available for the first time in all 50 states. Taxpayers who expect a refund can file their returns electronically through preparers and transmitters accepted by the IRS to participate.

This year, IRS expects 2 million taxpayers to opt to file electronically. Taxpayers may file electronically whether they prepare their own return or use a paid preparer. The IRS said taxpayers who file electronically will receive their refunds in about three weeks. Taxpayers filing electronically may also elect to have their refund direct deposited into their bank accounts. These taxpayers should receive their refunds in about two weeks.

The Electronic Filing System began as an IRS test in 1986. With the service available in three metropolitan areas that year, 25,000 returns were filed by computer.

The program has grown each year and last year, 1.2 million taxpayers in 36 states filed their returns electronically. Taxpayers can call the IRS toll free for a list of accepted electronic filers in their local area.

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