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June 30, 1989

Advanced Copies of Forms Available

The Internal Revenue Service today released for public comment advance copies of the major individual income tax forms and the tax table and tax rate schedules for 1989. This is the third year the IRS has released advance copies of Forms 1040EZ, 1040A, 1040 and related schedules and forms in early summer to give the public a chance to offer comments and suggestions to improve the forms.

One new form and a new schedule for 1989 are included in this early release. Form 8814, "Parent's Election to Report Child's Interest and Dividends," will allow parents to report on their own return the investment income of a dependent child under age 14. Last year children under 14 with investment income (usually interest and dividends) over $1,000 generally had to file their own returns and were taxed at their parents' rate.

Also, new this year is Schedule D-1, a continuation sheet for Schedule D that can be used to list additional capital gains and losses. The IRS developed this new schedule in response to a suggestion made earlier this year at an IRS "town meeting" in Milwaukee. This was one of 12 cities where IRS officials met with taxpayers to receive comments and suggestions on tax forms.

Although legislation did not require extensive revisions to the 1989 tax forms, there are some changes to note.

  • The name and address area on Forms 1040 and 1040A was redesigned so a husband and wife filing a joint return can enter their names on separate lines. This will help keep each person's name and social security number from being mismatched, especially when a husband and wife use different last names.
  • A line was added to Form 1040A and Form 1040 for taxpayers to enter the new supplemental medicare premium if they are liable for it.
  • A line was added to Schedule 1 of Form 1040A and to Form 2441 for taxpayers to enter the name and social security number of their child and dependent care providers as required by law.
  • The line for reimbursed employee business expenses (line 24 on the 1988 Form 1040) was removed. Revisions were also made to Form 2106 to reflect changes in the law covering the reporting or reimbursements and other expense allowance arrangements.
  • The IRS invites taxpayers who have suggestions for improving the forms released today to send them by July 30, 1989, to:

    Tax Forms Committee
    Attn: Early Release
    Internal Revenue Service
    Room 5577
    111 Constitution Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20224

    For copies of the forms released today, write to:

    Internal Revenue Service
    P. O. Box 25866
    Richmond, VA 23289

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