IRS News Release  
May 25, 1989

Filers of Form 5500EZ
Should Use Enclosed Envelope

The Internal Revenue Service today alerted filers of Form 5500EZ, "Annual Return of One-Participant (Owners and Their Spouses) Pension Benefit Plan, " that the instructions on where to file the return contain an incorrect ZIP code.

The forms should be mailed to Internal Revenue Service Center, Andover, MA 05501.

The IRS said it is working with the U.S. Postal Service to assure that mail with the incorrect ZIP code will be forwarded to the correct address.

The IRS noted, however, that the preaddressed envelope included in the forms package mailed to filers of record contains the correct ZIP code and urged filers to use this envelope when they mail their returns.

Form 5500EZ is generally for employers with one-participant pension benefit plans. The form is due by the last day of the seventh month following the end of the plan year -- July 31, 1989, for calendar year filers.

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