IRS News Release  
March 08, 1989

Filing Rates Increase Two Percent

Individual income tax returns continue to come in to Internal Revenue Service Centers at a fast rate, over 2 percent faster than last year. In addition, the IRS said that processing for last week was at an all-time high.

Last week the ten service centers received over 6.7 million returns and processed almost 7 million, bringing the totals for the year to 37.5 million returns received and 22 million returns processed as of March 3, 1989.

With six weeks left in the tax return filing season, taxpayers can still expect to receive their refund within about six weeks of the time they file. So far the IRS has certified over 12 million refunds, with the average refund at $833.

Taxpayers who file electronically receive their refunds even more quickly, generally in a few weeks. To date over three- quarters of a million taxpayers have filed electronically. This filing option is available in 36 states and will be offered nationwide next year.

The IRS reminded taxpayers who have not yet filed that they can easily avoid the simple errors that slow down processing: use the mailing label and envelope that came with your tax package; check your math; be sure to attach all the forms and schedules required; and be sure to sign your return.

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