IRS News Release  
November 09, 1989

Over $40 Million in Refunds
Waiting to be Claimed

Over $40 million in tax refund checks are waiting to be claimed by about 72 thousand taxpayers nationwide according to the Internal Revenue Service.

These refund checks are for 1988 individual income tax returns and were returned by the Post Office as undeliverable. The IRS said that many of these checks were returned because of an incorrect address or the taxpayer moved and failed to leave a forwarding address.

If you believe you may be among the taxpayers due a refund you should contact your local IRS tax assistance number listed in your phone directory.

The IRS said that almost 75 million taxpayers received 1988 tax refunds totaling $65.5 billion for an average of $877.

The IRS noted that this year electronic filing is available nationwide. Taxpayers who file electronically can elect to have their refund deposited directly into their bank account thereby eliminating the possibility of a lost, stolen or undeliverable refund check.

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