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October 17, 1989

Reorganization of the IRS National Office

WASHINGTON - In a move to focus tax system modernization efforts and provide for a greater level of accountability for IRS' financial management, IRS Commissioner Fred T. Goldberg, Jr., today announced a reorganization of the IRS National Office.

Mr. Goldberg said that three new positions are established under the reorganization; Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Assistant Commissioner (Finance)/Controller.

The CIO will take responsibility for managing agency-wide information resources and technology programs as well as strategic planning for technology. The CFO will be the principal executive responsible for budgeting and other financial management. In addition the CFO will have the duties of human resources management, research and planning activities which are presently assigned to the existing position of Deputy Commissioner (Planning and Resources). The third new position, Assistant commissioner (Finance)/Controller, will report to the CFO and will be responsible for management of the IRS's financial systems. General management of field operations remains with the Deputy Commissioner (Operations). A copy of the new organizational chart is attached.

"With a budget exceeding $5 billion, one of our top priorities must be effectively managing our financial resources," Commissioner Goldberg said. "In addition, placing responsibility for modernizing the nation's tax system with a CIO at the top of the organization not only recognizes the importance of the task but mirrors similar private sector operations. I believe these organizational changes put accountability for important activities at the right level within the agency."

The CFO and CIO along with the Deputy Commissioner (Operations) report to the Senior Deputy Commissioner and, with the Commissioner, form the agency;s top executive group. The IRS said that those selected for the new positions will be announced at a later date.

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