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IRS's Telephone Numbers

To check on the status of your refund, call the Refund Hotline at 1-800-829-4059.

Toll Free Telephone Services

Live Telephone Assistance for Individuals
Toll-Free, 1-800-829-1040. (In English and Spanish)
Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. your local time (Alaska & Hawaii follow Pacific Time). When calling, you may ask questions to help you prepare your tax return, or ask about a notice you have received.

Order Tax Forms and Materials
Toll-Free, 1-800-829-3676

IRS Refund Hotline.
Toll-Free, 1-800-829-1954
For refund information, have a copy of your current tax return, your social security number, filing status from the front of your return, and the exact whole dollar amount of your refund.

IRS Taxpayer Advocate
Toll-Free, (877) 777-4778

Telephone Assistance for Businesses
Toll-Free, 1-800-829-4933.
Business taxpayers that have questions relating to their entity can call the IRS for business and specialty help (in English and Spanish).

Employer Identification Number
Toll-Free, 1-800-829-4933
Call IRS to apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN).

Telephone Assistance for Exempt Organizations, Retirement Plan Administrators, and Government Entities
Toll-Free, 1-877-829-5500.

IRS TE/GE Customer Accounts Services
Toll-Free, (877) 829-5500
You may direct your technical and procedural questions concerning charities and other non-profit organizations to IRS Tax Exempt and Government Entities Customer Account Services.

Telephone Assistance for people with hearing impairments
Toll-Free 1-800-829-4059 (TDD)..Telephone assistance for the hearing impaired is available for individuals with TTY equipment. The toll–free number for this service is 1–800–829–4059. This number is answered by TTY/TDD equipment only. Hearing impaired individuals that do not have this equipment may be able to obtain access through the federal or state relay services.

Community Based Outlet Program
(800) 829-2765

Questions concerning Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN)
(215) 516-4846

International Services

Tax Help for US Taxpayers Residing In Canada
(215) 516-2000.

Telephone Assistance for people who live outside the United States
(215) 516-2000       fax: (215) 516-2555
IRS will answer your tax questions and help with account problems. Telephone assistance is available Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. Eastern time (non-toll-free numbers).

If you are a taxpayer who lives outside the United States, the IRS has full-time permanent staff in 4 U.S. embassies and consulates. These offices have tax forms and publications, can help you with account problems, and answer your questions about notices and bills. You can reach these offices at the following telephone numbers, which include country or city codes if you are outside the local dialing area.

If you are calling about an e-file issue and it is not account related, please contact the e-help Austin at 512-416-7750. Assistors are available from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Central time, Monday through Friday.

Overseas Offices
You can phone, write, or visit one of our overseas offices. Just be sure to have a copy of last year’s tax return, your wage and income statements, and your other tax records with you. Traveling IRS tax assistors will visit foreign cities during the 2009 filing season. Call your local U.S. embassy or consulate or visit one of our offices to find out the dates, times, and locations for assistance.

City Address Phone/FAX
Frankfurt IRS
U. S. Consulate Frankfurt
Geissener Str. 30
60435 Frankfurt am
Tel: 49-69-7535-3811 or 7535-3834
FAX: 49-69-7535-3803
Phone service: M-F 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.(Closed U.S. & German Holidays)


United States Embassy/IRS
24/31 Grosvenor Square
London W1A 1AE UK

Walk-In assistance
Tuesday through Thursday
9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.

Phone Service
Tel: [44] (207) 894-0476 or 894-0485
9 a.m. to Noon. Monday through Friday
FAX: [44] (207) 495-4224


United States Embassy/IRS
Box E-414, 2 Avenue Gabriel, 75382 Paris Cedex 08, France
Physical address:
US Consulate 2, rue St. Florentin, 75001, Paris

Walk-In assistance 9:00 a.m.- noon
Phone service: M-F 1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Tel: [33] (1) 4312-2555
FAX: [33] (1) 4312-2303

Puerto Rico

7 Tabonuco Street
Guaynobo, Puerto Rico 00968

Tel: 787-622-8929
M-F 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

The IRS offices listed can answer your federal income tax questions, help with account and refund problems, and assist with the preparation of current and prior year tax returns.

IRS trained volunteers are also available at some embassy/consulate locations. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact one of our IRS offices.

Taxpayers located outside the U.S. may also contact the IRS by mail at:

Internal Revenue Service
P.O. Box 920
Bensalem, PA 19020

Or you may telephone or FAX the Philadelphia Service Center office at:

Tel: 215-516-2000 (not toll-free)
Fax: 215-516-2555

Phone service available from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm (EST) M-F

Residents of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands may contact the IRS toll free at 1-800-829-1040. (Hours of Operation 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday - Friday).

Other items of potential interest:

International Taxpayer Advocate:
To request Taxpayer Advocate help, call:

Worldwide: Puerto Rico office:
Tel: (Spanish) 787-622-8930, (English) 787-622-8940
FAX: 787-622-8933

Contact The Local IRS Office in Puerto Rico

Face-to-face Tax Help

IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers are your source for personal tax help when you believe your tax issue cannot be handled online or by phone, and you want face-to-face assistance.

If you need to resolve a tax problem, have questions about how the tax law applies to your individual tax return, or you're more comfortable talking with someone face-to-face, visit your local Taxpayer Assistance Center where you can spread out your records and talk with an IRS representative across the counter. No appointment is necessary - just walk in. If you prefer, you may call a local number (see chart, below) to learn about available and alternate services, and to reschedule appointments with IRS personnel. If you have an ongoing, complex tax account problem or a special need, such as a disability, an appointment may be requested. All other issues will be handled without an appointment.

Note: Before visiting your local office click on “Services Provided” in the chart below to see what services are available. Services may vary from site to site. You can get these services on a walk-in, non-advance appointment basis.

Multilingual assistance is available in every office. Hours of operation are subject to change.

City Street Address Days/Hours of Service Telephone *


7 Tabonuco Street
Guaynabo, Puerto Rico 00968

Monday-Friday - 8:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.

See Below for Services Provided

(787) 622-8929
* Note: The phone numbers in the chart above are not toll-free for all locations. When you call, you will reach a recorded business message with information about office hours, locations and services provided in that office. You may leave a message to request an appointment for help resolving a tax issue or to reschedule an existing appointment. You will receive a return call within two business days. If face-to-face assistance is not a priority for you, you may also get help with IRS letters or resolve tax account issues by phone, toll free at 1-800-829-1040 (individuals) or 1-800-829-4933 (businesses).

The Taxpayer Advocate Service: Call 787-622-8940 in the Puerto Rico or 1-877-777-4778 elsewhere, or see Publication 1546 , The Taxpayer Advocate Service of the IRS.

For further information, see Tax Topic 104

Services Provided in Puerto Rico

Tax preparation for the 2008 Tax year is available. Please visit your Taxpayer Assistance Center for an appointment. If a same-day appointment is not available, a future appointment will be made within 5 business days.

  • Account Inquiries (help with letters, notices and levies on your wages or bank account)
  • Adjustments (changes to tax account information or payments)
  • Application for Taxpayer Assistance Order (ATAO)
  • Copies of Tax Returns & Transcripts (Verifiable extreme hardships only; such as victims of Hurricanes, medical emergencies, etc.)
  • Federal Tax Return Preparation  (If you qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit or your Income is less than $42,000.00)
  • Including form 1040PR - Return for Self-employed with no U.S. source income
  • Form 1116 - claim of Foreign Tax credit paid to the Government of Puerto Rico
  • Payments/Payment Arrangements*
  • Procedural Inquiries
  • Solutions to Tax Issues
  • Tax Forms (based on availability)
  • Tax Law Assistance  (answers related to your individual Federal Tax Return)/i>
  • Taxpayer Identification Numbers

*Does not accept cash payments


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